Design ideas for leasing your office space

So, you’ve got yourself an office tenancy and want to know how to lease it out fast! The answer? A professional office fitout. With the right fitout you can attract prospective tenants and have your tenancy taken up lightning fast. Here’s how!

Know your target tenants

Before you make design decisions, you need to know your target tenants. If your tenancy is located within a CBD, then your prospective tenants will be expecting an elegant and impressive space that will uphold their corporate image and reflect the prestige of an inner city address.

If your tenancy is in a more suburban location, your prospective tenants will be looking to enjoy the benefits of low-density occupancy, such as generous working spaces, spacious reception areas and ample car parking.

Make it multifunctional

Industrial office fitout

Gone are the days of long corridors with closed-door offices. Workplaces now place greater value on flexible work conditions, communication and teamwork, which means office spaces need to be open plan and multifunctional.

When designing your office fitout, design a range of different spaces that suit different needs. You need to include formal spaces, such as meeting rooms for private conferences and private workspaces for individuals to complete deep, focused work. You also need to include more informal breakout spaces for casual meetings, collaboration or simply a change of scenery.

Incorporate nature

Modern Office Fitout Brisbane City

Recent studies show that office workers are more productive and relaxed when exposed to nature. As a result, naturally inspired office fitouts, which include wood panelling, natural hues and plant life, are becoming more popular. Incorporate calming earthy tones, add plants (real or fake) where you can, and try to boost the tenancy’s natural light quality.

By including natural materials and motifs into your office fitout, you can liven up the space with unique textures while ensuring the space is a calming and productive space for future tenants.

Include community spaces

You spend a lot of time with the people you work with, so it’s important to create opportunities for socialisation. Create an open plan kitchen and break room space where tenants can share meals and mingle during breaks.

If you have the space, include additional drawcard amenities. Include an end of trip facility for workers that cycle or walk to work or irecreational areas, which give your employees a place to interact and relax throughout the day.

Need an office fitout for your tenancy?

Urban Group can help you create a contemporary space that will appeal to your target tenants. From concept creation to furniture selection, our team of interior designers and builders will evaluate your lettable space to your optimise your tenancy.