A quiet place: Managing acoustics in an open plan office

In recent years, open plan spaces have soared in popularity. Open plan offices give us more opportunities to collaborate, communicate and get creative. Less reduction of physical barriers give us a greater sense of belonging and contribute to improved employee management. But there is one big downside – noise pollution.

To help you manage the acoustics of your open plan office, our team of interior designers and builders have created a list of design elements to block out sound and reduce distractions.

Sound friendly furniture

Nowadays there is a huge range of office furniture designed to manipulate office acoustics and block out sound. This includes seating, lounge chairs, couches and filing cabinets. In terms of seating, some of our personal favourites include the Wing Lounge,  Hush Lounge and Quiet 2 Seater Lounge. High sided and fully upholstered, these seats offer opportunities for private conversations and meetings.

For added sound muffling, create regular rows of tall lockers or filing cabinets. Our Tambour Units offer a durable storage solution, while absorbing sound and reducing reverberation and echoes. Better yet they can be topped with our matching Planter Boxes to create a stylish contemporary design.

Workstation screens

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Workstation screens are the perfect way to add privacy and noise reduction. If you’re looking for a simple wall partition, our Cube Screens are a great choice. Available in 25 or 30mm thicknesses, these screens can be equipped with upholstered fabric panels or echo/acoustic panels to muffle sound.

If you’re looking for a versatile and functional affordable system, you can’t go past the Directions 50. These panels can be glass and/or melamine, or fabric upholstered and have a wide range of accessory options to choose from.

Acoustic panels

Acoustic panels come in a wide variety of shapes, materials and sizes. A popular choice for open plan spaces is suspended acoustic panels. Generally made of polyester fibre or fabric-wrapped fiberglass, these panels hanging from the ceiling, adding a pop of colour and eye catching geometric shapes.

If you have larger areas that are susceptible to noise, then ceiling baffles are a great way to reduce reverberations. Available in wide range of patterns and materials, ceiling baffles will completely transform the look of your office while eliminating echoes.

Looking for something super aesthetic? Opt for acoustic metal panels with a wooden finish! This combination of metal and sound absorbing wood is very useful in locations where both durability and aesthetics are needed, along with maximum noise absorption. It’s a great option for reception areas or workspaces.

Need help managing your office acoustics?

With around 30 years of experience in building and fitouts across Brisbane and the Gold Coast, our team can refurbish existing open offices with noise reducing elements or design a brand new, acoustic-friendly space. Get in touch today and learn more about how we can help you realise the office fitout of your dreams.