Brisbane Office Fitout Tips: Choose the Right Chair to Avoid Back Pain

The average Australian office employee works a 38 hour week. This adds up to over 1,800 hours per year spent inside an office. With a substantial amount of time spent working, you should try to provide your employees with an office chair that keeps them comfortable throughout the day.

A comfortable chair provides many benefits. One example is that it makes concentrating on the work-at-hand easier when seated comfortably. Another is that a good office chair can easily prevent back pain issues from surfacing.

According to research, roughly 80 percent of the adult Australian population experience back pain at some time. Occasionally, the pain can be so severe that it prevents that person from performing daily tasks, much less work efficiently. You can minimise the chance of this happening in your office by choosing the right chair for your office fitout in Brisbane. When doing so, keep the following in mind:


The Backrest

Naturally, a chair’s backrest place an important role in preventing back pain. An article from provides these tips to help you choose the right backrest:

The backrest of an ergonomic office chair should be 12 to 19 inches wide. If the backrest is separate from the seat, it should be adjustable in height and angle. It should be able to support the natural curve of the spine, again with special attention paid to proper support of the lumbar region. If the office chair has the seat and backrest together as one piece, the backrest should be adjustable in forward and back angles, with a locking mechanism to secure it from going too far backward once the user has determined the appropriate angle.

The Height

Choose an office chair that allows the person using it to adjust the height. More specifically, the chair must be able to shift to a height that allows a person’s feet to stay flat on the floor, as well as keep a person’s thighs parallel to the floor. In most cases, a seat adjustable from 16 to 21 inches from the floor will be suitable. Luckily, such chairs aren’t difficult to source through a company that provides trusted Brisbane office fitouts like Urban Group. They understand the importance of ergonomic office chairs and have access to a wide selection of office furniture.

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