Brisbane Office Fitout Company on Maximising Available Office Space

Office space is something that most businesses feel they never have enough of. Of course, renting or leasing a bigger place also translates to larger costs, and a business might not be willing or able to shoulder the additional expense.

Maximise Workspace Utilisation

According to Urban Group, a Brisbane office fitout company, if you can’t afford to get more space, then maximise whatever room you do have. Below are a few tips to help you do so:

Ditch Paper

The more paper documents you print out, the more shelving space you’ll need. Consequently, the more filing cabinets your office has, the less work space you can utilise. To avoid this scenario, stick to electronic documents whenever possible—your employees and the planet will thank you for it.

Position Furniture Strategically

Office furniture tends to be bulky. Therefore, strategic positioning is vital so these don’t end up hogging more space than necessary. For example, why place a desk in the middle of the room when putting it against the wall will immediately open up more floor space?

Work with the Pros

Do you feel like you can squeeze more space from your current office? Then consider working with Urban Group who provide office fitouts to Brisbane clients. Urban can create space-conscious designs that give even the smallest office more leg room. They’ll also use cleverly designed workstations, chairs, and other fixtures that are ergonomic yet space saving.

Track Use

As this piece from Facility Management Magazine states, monitoring actual space usage is vital to determining if a room or area is being utilised to its full potential:

…Just because a room was reserved, it doesn’t mean it was actually used. Multiple sources of data need to be used to determine the delta between planned and actual use of the workspace. For example, combining data from room booking software and utilisation data from image and desk sensors helps determine space use, thereby helping to save thousands of dollars – if not more – by preventing unnecessary expansion.

Rather than increasing office space just because employees say they ‘can never find any meeting space’, accurate space utilisation rates can be obtained and policies to prevent ‘squatting’ or ‘placeholder’ room reservations implemented. And, remember, analysing workspace use is an evolutionary process. Repeat the process with regularity to keep the organisation ahead of the curve and create the most value from occupied real estate.

(Source: 10 strategies to maximise workspace utilisation, Facility Management Magazine)