Maximise Savings During Your Office Fitout

Along with finding a space that works for your team and work, some of the biggest priorities of moving office include sticking to a budget and maximising savings where possible.

Here are five simple ways to reduce the cost of your new office fitout.

Reconsider the move

You might be past this point, but it’s a great one to consider, especially if you’re team won’t be scaling or growing in the near future. You can tweak and refurbish your existing office – new floor structure, lighting, desks, carpets, and improved air conditioning – while you are still based there. Evaluating your needs is the best way to ensure you’re putting your resources into the right needs.

Take a look at our Space Assessment Form to help out with this step.

Check house rules from your landlord

Negotiating your office lease agreement is a commonly overlooked step that can cause serious barriers down the track. Being unaware or misunderstanding some of the fine print in the agreement with your landlord can prove to lengthen your project’s completion by impacting timescale and costs.

Double check the below examples:

  • Fitout permittance hours within building
  • External use of lifts for materials and furniture
  • Noise restrictions
  • External use of dock and delivery area
  • Commitment to a makegood
  • Go to a one-stop-shop

Opting for a cost effective method in finding your designer, builder and fitout specialist in one company is the easiest way to streamline processes, avoid speed bumps and confirm your final budget without any unexpected surprises.

You can tailor your project plan based on your needs and your specialist will also help you consider any important tips you may have missed.

Don’t put the walls up

A common office design trend over the last few years is the preference for shifting from boxed and closed office layouts to more open-plan layouts. This reduces the cost of the physical construction for your building and any extra personal office necessities.

Fitouts can be a scary option to consider if you haven’t considered the best ways to achieve them. While it’s easy to worry about the escalating costs, working with a fitout specialist to agree on a budget based on your needs is the best way to maximising your savings and a create a productive and innovative space for your company.