Ways to Maintain a Healthy Working Space

An office redesign can revolutionise your company culture, employment turnaround and most importantly, staff happiness. Creating a space that promotes energy and positivity is largely dependant on employee wellbeing.

So, how can you design an office fitout that achieves these goals?

A number of simple investments like a stocked kitchen, an open communal space and comfy office furniture can help, but the biggest impact comes from a full urban fitout.

Here are some tips that you should always consider on the distinct features of your office in order to maintain a healthy working space.

Lighting fixture should be strategically placed for your advantage

Lighting can create different benefits for your work space. While positioning desks near natural light is helpful for increasing productivity, fixtures can be also help if you have a bigger floor plan, or limited windows. To effectively place lighting fixtures, utilise the three types of light; floor, table and eye. Equal positioning across these three areas will limit the appearance of shadows, which creates the impression of a cramped space.

Maintain a strategic distance from the office clutter

Right from the beginning of your commercial fitout, try to avoid building on top of clutter. An urban fitout is a magnificent chance to free your office of the considerable number of things you no longer need. Move things into storage, or create a small space to store old documents to ensure you aren’t adding things to your new office that aren’t completely necessary.

Flexible Furniture

Avoid choosing furniture that is big and bulky, especially if it serves a limited purpose and focus on opting for multi-purpose furniture. As well this being an economical decision for your business, it will also help in maintaining a healthy working space (for example, designing communal spaces as meeting areas that are open, receive lots of light and aren’t boxed in by walls). Nowadays, the conventional furniture is a thing of the past; mobile furniture offers a lot of benefits for your office.

Dark hues vs. light hues

Dark shades might give the certain comfortable feeling to your people but it also gives the impression of being constrained.  The light hue improves the illumination of the office space and creates an illusion of wide space.

Let us know if you have any other ideas to promote healthiness if your work space!