How Urban Groups’ Brisbane Commercial Fitouts Can Help your Employees Come to Work


Every company knows that employees are their greatest assets and that their needs should never be taken for granted. Apart from the compensation and benefits, workers do require reliable tools as well as a safe, comfortable, and clean working environment. Sadly, many companies have overlooked the latter, resulting in preventable losses. In an article for JustLuxe, lifestyle author Genelia discusses how a happy workplace can make for a happy employee.

Good Working Environment

“A business owner has so many things to consider on a daily basis that it’s not surprising that office improvement probably isn’t a top priority.

…what a lot of business owners won’t know is that the office … can make a huge difference to employees in terms of a good or bad working environment. This means that you could be getting less out of your employees.”

Aesthetics aside, a minimalist and straightforward office design will work just as well as a funky, wildly decorated one. The décor would be a reflection of the company image you want to project. As long as the basics of comfort and cleanliness are there, your company will do fine. Office interiors in Brisbane are usually finished in neutral tones with touches of bright colour to make the rooms come alive without distracting the employees.

“Offices that are dirty and dark can have a big effect on an employee’s mood and performance… Introducing fun things into the office may seem a bit silly to some, but makes a big difference to how someone works. Remember, a happy employee is a productive one, so anything is worth a try.”

In other words, don’t be afraid to experiment if you think it will benefit your employees’ morale. Some employers even go so far as to let their employees decide on the office environment, but that may be more appropriate for the smaller places of business.

Rather than talk to a number of different suppliers and contractors for your office interior, why not simply sit down with a consultant from Urban. Urban Group are the single point of contact for everything you need. Their team provide everything from design, commercial fitouts in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, to building maintenance and furniture. Your employees will definitely thank you for working with Urban.

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