How to find out if you’re under utilising your office space

Take a quick look around your office… How much of your office space is optimised for your needs? Whether it’s for your team, clients, or practice, a lack of office space can hinder productivity and your overall business. In fact, around 25% of commercial office space is unused. If you have an office space that is cramped and unconducive to work, the tips below will help you make the most of your space.

Map out your needs

Small or cramped spaces is one of the major killers of workplace productivity. Perhaps there was once a need for a room dedicated to your web servers that now doesn’t exit. Or a group of unused and old desks and chairs taking up valuable real estate in your office space. Planning out exactly what you need from your office will help you create the room you need for it, rather than building on top of unused space, or worse, moving to a new and bigger location. Chatting to an office fitout specialist will help you determine whether it’s possible to upgrade your existing office to accommodate your needs before making the jump to a new office.

Desk alignment

Consider how your desks are aligned in relation to one another and the space around them. Simple things like pushing them against the window and running them parallel to one another can create far more space than organising them in bundled sections around your office. You can also place desks opposite each other, and use partitions or computer screens to create a sense of privacy between the employees sharing space. If you’re experimenting with a large space we would recommend making to make to-scale cutouts of your desks and arrange them on a whiteboard rather than move around the entire office! This will let you trial and error different arrangements without having to waste time or labour.

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Go for green

Reducing your paper usage in your office will help you save on space dedicated for storage, filing cabinets, and printers. These areas can then be redesigned as common areas, which are critical for opening up communication pathways and collaboration efforts. Instead, encourage sending files via email or your messaging platforms, like Slack or Hipchat, to help combat the reliance on paper.

Think vertical

Rather than laying out cabinets and investing in large desks for each team member, take advantage of the height of your walls and start using shelving. This is a great alternative if your office relies on having physical equipment or large books around. If you’re looking for a lease friendly option, find desks that have inbuilt shelving and purchase shelving units that are narrow and tall.

These are some simple tips to help you optimise your office space and combat the common issue of unused space. If you’d like a professional opinion on how to best arrange your office, chatting to a fitout specialist is a great way to brainstorm some unexpected solutions to creating a bigger space.