Featured Work / GWC Property Group Display Suite

GWC Property Group Display Suite

A monochromatic colour palette, refined furniture and an intelligent layout work together in this suite, to help prospective tenants envision the possibilities of the space.

A key requirement of this display suite was an impressive front of house/reception area that could be customised easily by the new tenant. To do this, we created a bespoke reception desk, with custom lighting to really make a statement.

The layout was planned with flexibility in mind, so the new tenant could easily envisage a full floor or split tenancy. To further show the possibility of the space, workstations were positioned strategically and communal areas such as the kitchen and breakout area were the key focus of design.

A monochromatic colour palette including black, white, timbers and burgundy accents was used to tie all of the spaces together. Textured wallpaper, carpets and a variety of soft furnishings were used to give the tenancy a welcoming look. All of these elements helped give a feel of what the space could look like when fully fitted out.


  • Burgundy accents
  • Monochromatic colour palette
  • Gloss and matte black furniture and finishes
  • Worn-look brick wallpaper
  • Custom reception desk with unique lighting


  • Welcoming reception area
  • Boardrooms and Meeting spaces
  • Breakout spaces
  • Open plan desk space with privacy screens
  • Beautiful kitchen with natural wood grain