Ground Floor & Level 1, 1123 Beaudesert Road, Archerfield

Featured Work / Ground Floor & Level 1, 1123 Beaudesert Road, Archerfield

Curves and Acoustics: A Glimpse into Hastings Deering's Innovative Refurb

Urban Fitouts refreshed the Archerfield headquarters of Hastings Deering, giving it a versatile and modern office environment.

The refurbishment at Archerfield for Hastings Deering was thoughtfully planned to honour the company’s legacy while embracing a modern look, serving the diverse needs of their team. The new design, featuring smooth curved joinery, a sound-friendly waffle ceiling, and unique machinery-inspired lighting, improves both the look and function of the office space.

Following up on the previous success at the Brisbane head office, this project continued to forge a design path that may inspire the look of future Hastings Deering locations. Working hand-in-hand with the company’s leaders, Urban Fitouts tailored the design to meet their vision. More than a simple update, this project is a refreshed representation of the company’s evolving brand and identity.