Georgiou, Level 16, 31 Duncan Street, Fortitude Valley

Featured Work / Georgiou, Level 16, 31 Duncan Street, Fortitude Valley

Georgiou, Level 16, 31 Duncan Street, Fortitude Valley

Georgiou, Level 16, 31 Duncan Street, Fortitude Valley

In the heart of Fortitude Valley, on the 16th floor of a contemporary 5-star Green rated building at 31 Duncan Street, lies the newly built Georgiou Brisbane Headquarters.

The office reveals itself as a theatre of modern design blended with functional aesthetics. The entrance welcomes visitors with an array of curved walls and bespoke joinery that guide you into the heart of Georgiou’s new home. Each curve smoothly transitions into the next, leading to a stunning arch feature made from timber.

The colour palette is intentionally subdued, featuring a base of earthy tones punctuated by bold red accents that run through the carpets and custom upholstery. This clever use of colour not only energises the space but also delineates different areas within the open-plan office.

Georgiou’s office features a raw, exposed ceiling that extends over the main workspace. This industrial touch contrasts with the refined, linear LED lighting that casts a soft glow, enhancing both the functionality and the visual appeal of the area. Nearby, a large breakout space offers a sanctuary for relaxation and informal collaboration, equipped with a variety of seating options.

A standout feature is the curved waterfall edge island in the kitchenette area, crafted from 30mm stone. It’s not just a functional element for casual meetings or coffee breaks, but a statement piece that exemplifies the seamless integration of style and utility.

One of the most captivating design choices is the mirror splash-back in the kitchen area, positioned to perfectly reflect the breathtaking Brisbane skyline.

The office layout promotes transparency and fluidity, encouraging a sense of community and open communication. The raw finishes and structural elements are balanced by the soft seating and textured surfaces.