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Ed Café

This cafe fitout utilises greenery, timber and turquoise accents to create a tranquil space perfect for a morning coffee!

348 Edward Street required a new café fitout for the downstairs of their building. This new café was to serve as a relaxing space for both employees of the offices upstairs as well as the general public.

To create this feeling, we used a combination of natural elements, including greenery, natural timber throughout the space and a large nature-themed wallpaper mural. The turquoise of the wallpaper was used as a colour accent throughout the space. This colour works well with the different shades of natural timber which were layered to create interesting textures, combined with some stark white elements which kept the look fresh and clean.

A combination of furniture styles were also used to give the fitout a homely feel.


  • Wallpaper mural
  • Greenery
  • Different shades of natural timber for texture
  • Turqouise accents


  • Ordering area
  • Kitchen with custom-coloured espresso machine
  • Bar-style eating zone
  • Restaurant-style eating zones