Productivity Linked to a Clean Desk

Studies Show a Clean Desk Makes you 33% more Productive.

33% more profitable actually! Is it because you have less work to muddle up your desktop? Not Really!

The study also measured productiveness and organisation talents, and those that stay better arranged not only have tidier offices, but they also waste less time searching for things through piles of documents and spend more time getting their work done.

Whether you are naturally neat and clean or untidy could have a lot to do with how you were raised, and whether or not you are a right-brained or left-brained thinker. This doesn’t imply that your genes need to dictate how productive you may be.

cluttered desk

Urban’s 5 Step Solution to Increased Productivity

Urban Group suggests 5 Simple Steps to follow to improve your Productivity in the Workplace and at Home.

1. Focus upon keeping your desk clean. Masses of workspace will help you spread out your paper work when you must, without losing papers, misplacing things, forgetting documents or misfiling the incorrect items together. Begin by releasing some desktop space by getting that chunky PC monitor off the desk. A monitor arm, mounted on the side or back of your desk, will not just give you about 25% extra space to work, it will also permit you to lean your monitor to manage glare.

2. Make sure your mouse and Keyboard are ergonomically designed. This will help reduce fatigue and other more heavy conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

3. Keep only the things you use frequently on your desk. If you do not use them every day, put them away and take them out just when you are working on a project that needs them.

4. Create files and utilise them. As fast as a project starts, make a file for it even if it is only temporary, and keep the files for your active projects close to your desk. Move all the other files to a filing cupboard, or utilise online storage facilities such as Dropbox, Google Drive to digitally store your files.

5. Stop using sticky notes! Start Filing! If you want something, you’ll know exactly where to find it and when it is no longer important – archive it! With a little revamp of your behaviour and your desk, you can become much more profitable and that could mean a major difference in your work performance and and increase in your spare time.

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