Office Fitouts in Brisbane and the Gold Coast: Deciding between Open and Private Offices

Do office workers have it easier than those who work out in the field? After all, office employees work within the cool confines of a building or standalone structure. But you can’t deny that office workers feel the same pressure as everyone else. They have deadlines to accomplish and targets to meet. In doing this, employers have the responsibility to provide an ideal work environment.

New Report

According to a report released by the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) in October 2014, the interior layout of any office space plays a huge role in creating a conducive work space.

Brisbane employers have a choice between open and private office layouts. In the past, enclosed offices almost always ruled over open offices. In recent years, however, huge corporations boast how their open office layouts have led to a significant boost in employee productivity. Some companies have since been inspired to follow suit with help of Brisbane office fitout specialists.

Open offices

Why the fuss on open office plans? It’s actually an old concept that dates all the way back to the 1950s in Germany. Back then, the main aim was to promote communication and boost the flow of ideas. Recently, however, open offices have been a subject of criticism.

According to critics and some studies, open layouts make employers prone to distraction, thereby decreasing their productivity. Others say this office design facilitates the spread of illnesses like flu. Overall, these experts say that open office plans are not what they’re cracked up to be.

Fortunately, open office proponents have come up with numerous ways to increase productivity and work around these setbacks. A few good tweaks to the lay out could prevent overcrowding, for one. Neutral music playing in the background can also reduce the amount of distracting office noises, like phones ringing or keys tapping away.

Enclosed offices

A Knoll survey reveals that employees consider privacy as the number one benefit of working in private offices. These workers feel secure in this type of environment, and have fewer distractions to deal with.

The downside of working in enclosed offices, though, is that employees have limited social interaction. Fortunately, one way to combat this is to provide ample space for a break room where workers can chat with one another.

With the huge impact interior office design has on productivity, employers are recommended to have experienced professionals in office fitouts in Brisbane and the Gold Coast like Urban Group on board to ensure they end up with an ideal work environment.

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