Office Fitout Trends in Brisbane for 2015


Although it’s already half way through 2015, it is still worth discussing the latest trends in office fit out in Brisbane. Whether you are a company expanding your business, a promising start up, or just redesigning your commercial site, you need to find the perfect solution for the changing business environment in your market.

Many businesses have found ways to fit out their offices to allow increase in productivity, maximised use of floor space and have a comfortable place of work.

There are many designs that have come and gone over the years, but these design choices for office fitouts in Brisbane have stayed and will continue to be seen:

Storage systems that save space

Most businesses rely on computers for most of their daily activities. However, there is still a need for a document storage system for important paper work such as agreements, contracts, archives, records, and other accounting records.

In spite of the digital age, paper work still piles up, so effective storage solutions are required. Choose one that is innovative and can save space.

Open plan office layout

Many businesses have opted to have their offices as open spaces and collaborative working environments. The main focus nowadays is having an efficient workspace that have desks but take up less floor space. You can be surprised on how much space you can save by having an open floor plan whilst still allowing privacy for every workstation.

Ergonomic furniture

Employees can spend a large number of hours a day at their workstation, so it’s important for any modern office fitout in Brisbane to consider ergonomics. Proper design in ergonomics reduces staff’s illness and increases their productivity. Long term employees can even reduce their risk of having an occupational overuse syndrome and back problems.

Choose furniture that have good ergonomic designs such as height adjustability. For office chairs, choose those that promote correct posture that can reduce employees’ fatigue and stress.

Flexible spaces

There is research that show that workers become more productive when they are given the flexibility in choosing how, when, and where they work. Having said this, a lot offices are incorporating workspaces that stimulates creativity, collaboration and teamwork. Office space designs are now becoming both fluid and efficient. There are now interchangeable spaces combined with modular elements with acoustic panels that prevent noise, and the great use of glass lets in the light but still allows privacy.

Outside in

It’s now easy to let the outdoors in with potted plants. Living walls and plant installations are earthly designs in your office. Research shows that plants have a positive physical and psychological effect on employees. They are capable of absorbing sound and cleaning the air. In addition to the “green” theme, a number of offices are having bike racks, change room facilities, and lots of locker storage instead of car spaces.

Social spaces

Relaxation areas, game rooms and other social spaces are no longer limited to creative agencies. More corporate offices are embracing fun and casual designs in their workspaces. This is known as the Google effect. This includes big communal areas for eating, breakout spaces for lunch, rooftop gardens and ping pong tables.

Be bolder

Bold patterns, vibrant colours, and graphic prints will surely make a statement in modern office fitouts. This not only limited to walls but can also be used in furniture and structural elements such as beams, staircases, columns, flooring and lights. You can use motivational quotes, neon signage, and big branding throughout your workspace.

Consider comfort

There’s a research by the Sax Institute together with the Cancer Council of NSW that found out that by replacing one hour of sitting with standing can increase a worker’s lifespan up to 5%. In addition to this, add ergonomic chairs that are adjustable, and use height-adjustable desks and workstations. There are also available sit-to-stand workstations which allow employees to sit or stand at their desks. This reduces back strain and promotes good health. This type of workstation can also be used as a “touchdown” station for employees who are in between meetings. This allows them to check their emails quickly without having the need to sit down.

Homey feel

For employees who spend the majority of the day in the office, it can be like their second home. Office designers are taking the next step by invoking a unique residential feel to workspaces. Open plans now include beanbag chairs, sofas and soundproofing that serve as a private retreat away from the bustle of the busy office.

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