Office Design Trends For 2019

Office design is an integral part of the success and productivity of any business. And while companies are geared for growth, most workspaces are accommodated in smaller areas than required. Designers are coming up with innovative ways to make the most out of workplace environments and increase productivity and creativity.

Here’s a look at the new office design trends for 2019 which are set to be at the forefront of modern office design.

  1. Work zones for different tasks

Employee moods have a substantial impact on productivity. Spaces which motivate employees will always deliver the best results. Workers are no longer content using the same boring fixed workspace to perform repetitive daily tasks. As a result, this leads to inefficiency and low motivation.

Setting up different work zones based on the activity provides employees with options to best decide how, where, and when they will work.

Carefully designed work settings inspire workers to complete varied tasks more efficiently and creatively, as well as offering increased flexibility. These include workstations, concentration zones, and collaboration areas.

Some companies are even starting to allow time for staff to work outside of the office, whether it’s for a few hours at the local cafe or from home. There are plenty of technology solutions that now make working from anywhere easy, while still having the ability to collaborate with teammates in real time.

  1. Experience-driven spaces

One of the fastest growing trends is to incorporate areas specifically designed for lifestyle activities into the workplace. These are called experience-driven spaces.

They are designed to optimise existing space and enhance the employee experience at work. They foster the enhancement of wellness, community-building, growing happiness and boosting the morale of everyone from the receptionist to the CEO.

Rather than adopting a uniform approach, they are often tailored to the individual company to embody their brand, values, and beliefs.

Experience-Driven Spaces include features like:

  • Meditation areas
  • Yoga studios
  • Walking/jogging trails
  • Massage therapy
  • Rock climbing walls
  • Indoor and outdoor active spaces
  • Espresso bars

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  1. Versatile workspaces

Office spaces should be highly interactive as well as agile, without physical or ergonomic constraints to hinder them.

All furniture in the office should not only be comfortable. It should allow employees to be able to arrange it to suit their needs. By removing the restrictions and providing flexibility to each employee or team, it can lead to a significant positive impact on productivity.

After all, no two people are alike, why should their workspace be?

  1. Transparency

Workplaces are now embracing the idea of transparency. This not only improves a company image, but it also allows for better natural light and open spaces no longer obstructed by walls.

Glass screens have become increasingly popular to divide the office into different areas, including meeting rooms and private offices while still maintaining a transparent feel.

Managerial offices have also now started moving towards a transparent design. Which makes everyone feel included while boosting employee happiness and wellbeing.

  1. Nature in the workplace

Instead of employees feeling like they are stuck inside and daydreaming out their windows, companies are bringing nature into the workplace. Nature has a calming effect which helps employees take a deep breath and feel more relaxed in their work environment.

Natural elements like vertical gardens, small patios, or vegetation are becoming extremely popular in office environments. They also provide a place to facilitate informal meetings, take a break, or collaboratively brainstorm by providing a privacy screen or dividing up a larger open area. 

Incorporating some or all of these trends when redesigning your office in 2019 could boost the creativity and mental health of your employees. To find out how to turn your workspace into a positive experience for your entire team, get in touch with one of our office fit out specialists.