New Personnel Can Be A Safety Risk

work safeNew personel and contractors can be a safety risk if induction procedures are not followed, exposing the business to unnecessary risks.

Contractors, Sub-Contractors and visitors to your office should all be informed of the company’s safety procedures and policies.

Contractor Management

Urban Group has very strict policies in place to ensure compliance with Health and Safety Regulations, and appoints a Project Manager for all projects. The project manager ensures implementation of Urban’s WHS requirements at each of the following stages of the contract:

–       Project evaluation and specification

–       Evaluation of tenders

–       Pre-commencement of work

–       Ongoing monitoring and review

–       Post contract completion

Projects are to be scheduled so as to not adversely affect the safety and health of any workers. Contractors must complete a pre-qualification process that incorporates obtaining the appropriate WHS documentation, insurances and the contractor completing the Urban Induction Process.

The Project Manager, in consultation with the Safety Manager shall ensure that the appropriate documentation is received from the Contractor at the tendering stage of the process.

Workplace health and safety performance is a key selection criteria during the evaluation stage of the tender process.

Urban ensures that all contractors have undergone the Urban Induction Process prior to commencement of work onsite. All SWMS and associated documentation required for the project is to be evaluated prior to works commencing.

Project Managers monitor and review contractors for the entire duration of the project and proportionate to the level of the risk that is inherent to the work.

Upon completion of the contracted works, the Project Manager will review the WHS performance of the contractor. A record of this evaluation will be kept and shall be reviewed in regards to future tenders submitted by the contractor.