How to get prepared for a medical or dental clinic fitout

So you’ve made the decision to redesign your healthcare space – Congratulations! Choosing to revamp your old space can draw new attention to your clinic and keep existing clients happy and satisfied. A new space built around form and functionality can also significantly boost productivity levels and contribute to a health company culture.

But, what’s next?

Building the right environment (minus the hassle and stress) is easily achieved by following these steps:

Agree on a budget

Establish your plan, budgets and building plan into a concise format to keep track of your progress along the way. This will help ensure you’re focusing on the priority areas of your space and staying within the limits of your budget. A planning session with a fitout specialist can help you detail a timeline and budget to guarantee you have all bases covered (which means no unexpected and costly surprises).

Know what you want

Research what you need and what you don’t. Does every room in your clinic require a fitout? Or do you only need some elements of a redesign? Following some industry standard guidelines and benchmarks can help you think about the most crucial parts of your fitout. In the long run, this will save time and money and improve your health clinic’s operational efficiency once the fitout is successfully completed.

Get on the same page

If you’re looking to begin a fitout on a space you’re leasing, you’ll have to look into your contract to see if you need to give your leasing agent a breakdown on your plans. Working with a specialist can help you ‘nut out’ the requirements of each area in your health clinic. Avoid running into discrepancies later down the track by assessing your options and evaluating potential compromises.

Ask for opinions

Seek feedback from your team and employees to gain insights into what areas of your fitout need priority. Your reception staff may love or loathe the waiting room and your health assistants may think the clinic rooms need more natural light. Requesting a meeting, or using a simple feedback form can provide a number of constructive opinions, and also encourage your team to positively contribute to the fitout process.