4 insights to perfecting your medical or dental clinic

How long has it been since you’ve assessed the condition of the furniture in your medical or dental office and clinic? If you’re thinking of a medical fitout, your goal should be creating a space that’s both inspiring and functional. Here are some important things to keep in mind before getting started:

Your furniture is the frontline of your practice space. Your furniture is the first item noticed by clients. Outdated and worn-out seating, tables and stands can suggest a negative and sterile impression. Opt for warm to neutral coloured furniture that’s appropriate for your space. For upkeep purposes, it’s also a good idea to sway away from customised pieces and choose items that can be replaced as they wear over time.

Getting the most out of your reception area. Organisation should be at the heart of its design, focus on getting the most out of what tends to be the smallest room in a clinic. Utilise the height of your office and stack any shelves on this area, rather than using up floor space. Your medical clinic should be free of clutter to contribute to a welcoming environment.

Treatment rooms built on your everyday needs. Keep these rooms on the outskirts of your floor plan to allow for more window space and natural light. The centre of this room’s purpose is ergonomic functionality and creating a safe and comfortable environment for your clients. Make sure to choose a healthcare fitout specialist who understands your medical and dental clinic compliance requirements, as well as attending to the sensitive needs of working in a clinic.

Represent your demographic. When making choices about your furniture, lighting and overall theme of your space, remember to first look at your client demographics. Think about the main age group and what expectation that bracket will have entering your space. A medical clinic focused on children compared to a dental clinic mainly for an older demographic will have different needs.

Revamp your medical clinic or dental clinic and create a space that’s a true reflection of your expertise in the healthcare industry.