How to get the most out of your workplace partitions

Are you looking to revamp an existing space and give it a modern touch? Or perhaps you’re about to lease out a new office space and want to give it a quick makeover? Redesigning your office workstations and partitions is the easiest way to breath life to a space, without having to move your employees to a temporary office while you redesign.

Take a look at these modern trends to revamp your office space:  

Shrinking workstations

Desks are starting to become smaller, as technological advancements have encouraged smaller laptops and thinner desktop screens, freeing up the space once dedicated to large modems and bulky desk phones. But while desks may be getting smaller, you still need to ensure they’re equipped with everything necessary for your staff. This may include a laptop stand, a partitioned pin board or white board around the desk and enough electrical outlets and wire organisers to reduce clutter.

The integration of USB ports, USB charging ports and even task lighting means your employees can quickly plug in their devices and get to work; there is less mucking around with cables and computers. As well as eliminating the safety hazard of loose cables, it makes the workplace look neater.

More team spaces

The creation of these new spaces go hand in hand with the smaller personal workspaces. More and more teams are beginning to embrace communal or team spaces to switch up their eight hour day. You might start to notice your staff moving to different sections of your office to work, rather than solely at their desk, and this behaviour should be encouraged! Research shows standing, walking around and working in various parts of the office promote productivity and help people stay in the ‘flow-zone’ for longer.

If you have an open plan office with no closed small rooms, consider using greenery or light partitions to divide up your office. You can also use cafe-style tables and chairs to cater for your employee’s needs.

Lower your partitions

Workplaces are also becoming more open with partitions either being left out completely or their height being lowered considerably. This removes any feelings of a “sterile” or “clinical” office. This can also be helpful for larger team, who need to communicate with one another during the day.

While the above suggestions are trends and based on the current behaviours of modern employees, it is important to keep in mind that they won’t suit every workplace or business. Observe the habits and behaviours of your staff and ask them what changes they’d like to see in your company’s office culture. With these goals in mind, speak with an office fitout specialist to see how you can make the quick and easy fix of partitions work for your office space.