How to get started with your medical clinic fitout

Starting the journey of your medical clinic fit out comes with a wealth of importance. Your clinic’s fit out should be functional, aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting and practical, all while bringing your brand to life.

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Providing a comfortable and calming environment for your patients as they come to your dental clinic is important for the old-school word-of-mouth tactic for getting your business out there. It’s highly likely if customers are enjoying what is usually an uncomfortable experience, they’ll recommend you to their friends and family. Simple amenities like providing water, comfortable seating and up-to-date furniture can completely change the way patients view visiting your medical clinic.

Before jumping in, have a read of these tips and seek the advice of a medical fit out specialist.

Get on the same page

If you’re looking to begin a fitout on a space you’re leasing, you’ll have to look into your contract to see if you need to give your leasing agent a breakdown on your plans. Working with a specialist can help you ‘nut out’ the requirements of each area in your health clinic. Avoid running into discrepancies later down the track by assessing your options and evaluating potential compromises.

Opt for warm lighting

Your clinic fitout should suit the needs of your practice – a psychologist or chiropractor will have differents needs to that of a family GP. But while equipment is at the heart of these needs, the design for certain spaces can be relaxed and encourage a feeling of zen for patients and visitors. Swapping out bright fluorescent lights for warmer hanging light fixtures is a simple way to start.

Furniture to reflect your client experience

There are some unfortunate stereotypes of medical clinics that patients often expect, such as uncomfortable chairs, an old television and musty carpet. However, it is completely within your grasp to transform how your patients think of your clinic. After all, the calibre of your services and the impact you provide to the community should be communicated, not only through your technology, services and branding but also the entire patient experience from the moment they step through your doors.

Comfy seats, some modern artwork and a bright tiled area can bring life to a tired reception area. Look at furniture choices that are focused on creating a feeling of comfort and homeliness, rather than sterile or plain furnishings.

Your flooring

Like you’ve done with your furniture, choosing modern flooring of a cool colour will also have the effect of opening the area and pushing the walls out. Neutral coloured floors will put focus on the furnishings, which can also create the effect of a bigger space.

If you’re opting for timber floors, lay the planks vertically to create a lengthening effect on the room.

During the process…

Seek feedback from your team and employees to gain insights into what areas of your fitout need priority. Your reception staff may love or loathe the waiting room and your health assistants may think the clinic rooms need more natural light. Requesting a meeting, or using a simple feedback form can provide a number of constructive suggestions, and also encourage your team to positively contribute to the fitout process.