Fitouts Brisbane: A Guide to Finding the Best Ergonomic Office Chairs


One of the most exciting parts of doing a Brisbane office fitout is the shopping for new equipment and furnishings for your office. After all, who can resist the scent and feel of new furniture, right? But if you’ve been given the task to select new furniture for your workplace, make sure to take ergonomics into consideration, especially when you’re shopping for office chairs.

What is Ergonomics and Why is it Important?

Ergonomics is basically the study or the practice of designing products, systems, or process to take into proper account the interaction between them and the people who use them. It is an important factor to consider when shopping for office furniture, particularly office chairs, because it helps ensure that the furnishings you will choose will help reduce user fatigue and discomfort.

Because many of your employees will be sitting on their office chairs for at least seven hours every day, it’s important that you choose those that provide ergonomics. Generally, an ergonomic office chair is one that is fully adjustable so it can provide a proper fit for those who use it. It should also have sturdy frame, so it can provide a great deal of support to the user, especially to the lumbar region, back, and neck.

Miro Blk Mesh back/Black Fabric SeatWhat to Consider in an Ergonomic Office Chair

There are many types of ergonomic chairs that are designed for use in the office, each of them having their own unique qualities and characteristics. To help you determine the one you should buy, here are some of the things to look for and consider.

Seat Height

To promote proper posture, you should consider the height of the office chair to purchase. According to experts, the ideal seat height is between 40cm and 53cm. This is good for the posture of the user as it allows him to have both of his feet flat on the floor. It also lets him have their thighs horizontal and arms even with the height of the desk.

If you can’t find an office chair that meets this specification, you should opt for a chair that comes with a pneumatic adjustment lever. With an adjustment lever, the user is able to adjust and fine-tune the seat height to one that matches their body.

Seat Width and Depth

Ideally, seat width should be between 43cm and 50cm wide. According to the experts in fitouts Brisbane, this is to ensure that the user will feel comfortable the first time they sit down, and remain that way after being seated for a significant period of time. As for the seat depth, it should be enough to support the user comfortably. It should also enable them to sit on the office chair with their back resting firmly against the backrest.

Lumbar Support

Lower back pain is one of most common health conditions many office workers complain about. This is usually caused by the lack of proper support for the lumbar spine. The lumbar spine has an inward curve and if you sit for long periods without proper support, it’s likely that you will slouch. This will flatten the spine’s natural curve and strain the structure of the lower spine, causing pain.

To prevent your staff from suffering lower back pain, make sure to invest in office chairs with lumbar adjustment. This way, each user can get the proper fit and support for the inward curve of their lower back.


The backrest of the office chair should wide enough otherwise it won’t provide optimum support for the user’s back. The ideal width of the backrest is 30cm to 48cm. Also, the backrest should be adjustable in height and angle. It should also have the capability to provide support for the natural curve of the spine.

Seat Material

To ensure maximum comfort, especially when sitting for extended periods of time, the seat and the back of the office chair should have enough padding. Make sure to consider ventilation. If the chair does not allow for proper airflow, it can make the user feel too warm and uncomfortable. Always try to choose an office chair with seat material that promotes proper ventilation.

While leather looks good, experts recommend avoiding it because it can make the user feel too warm. Cloth fabric is a great choice because it is breathable, however it can be difficult to clean. Vinyl is durable and easy to clean, but like leather, it doesn’t breathe as easily as cloth.


Your staff needs to rest their arms from time to time. After all, you cannot expect them to be typing non-stop on their computers all day, can you? In this case you should invest in office chairs with adjustable armrests so the user can relax their arms at the right height. Armrests also allow the user’s elbows to rest comfortably and the shoulders to remain relaxed.


To save time and effort, choose an ergonomic office chair that can be rotated. This way, the user can access different areas of their desk or cubicle without having the need to stand up and strain themselves.

Remember that your employees are possibly your most valuable asset, so it’s very important to take their needs into consideration when doing office or commercial fitouts in Brisbane and shopping for new furniture. Follow the tips above so you can find the best ergonomic office chair for your staff.