Choosing The Perfect Office Chair

Brisbane Office FurnitureIs your workday composed of sitting for many hours in a chair typing, speaking on the telephone, browsing the Web, and meeting with clients and work-mates? Do your back, neck, shoulders and rear end pay the price?

Just like selecting a vehicle which has modifiable seats so that you can see over the wheel and drive sensibly, it’s necessary to ‘test drive’ a new office chair before purchase so that you can find one that adjusts correctly for your body weight and dimensions.

Seat : A chair seat must be snug for a lengthy period of time. It should be wide enough to provide at least 5cm of space on both sides of your body. ‘Waterfall’-type seat profiles can deaden strain on the back of the quads. If your chair has seat depth controls, you can adjust the front edge of the chair so it’s 5-8cm from the back of your knees. If the back of your legs touch the fringe of the seat, you may lack the capability to lean against the chair’s back support.

Backrest : Look for a chair with an alterable back support that raises or lowers to a height that supports the curve of your back, particularly the lumbar curve of the lower back. Sufficient lumbar support is an absolute must to relax on your backbone. A chair’s backrest should additionally be a little curved to follow the natural profile of your backbone. You will be able to adjust the lean of the seat up and back down independent of the back support.

Reclining rests the back muscles, while a forward lean inspires good back posture and takes the strain off the muscles and discs of the backbone. Controlling the lean stress also lets you adjust for varying body weights and lets the chair rock or lean with the proper quantity of resistance. Armrests spaced too wide apart will make your elbows stand out from your body in a discomforting way. Always go looking for sturdy construction which has been evaluated and certificated.

The best chairs have castor wheels that allow the chair move simply on the floor, and a five-point base that provides equilibrium and minimise the likelihood of tipping the chair over. Alteration controls should be straightforward to operate from a seated position and not need strong hand movements. Office chairs come in vinyl, leather, and fabric.

Fabric is not as simple to scrub as vinyl, and fabric may harbour dust mites. Nonetheless vinyl or leather coverings don’t breathe as simply as fabric, that may cause pain after extended sitting. Don’t forget to get off your butt once an hour for a good stretch. Your body will thank you!

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