Brisbane Fitout and a Healthier Workplace

The challenge of sedentary work in a Brisbane Office Environment

Office or desk jobs have been traditionally considered “cushy”, and we know that if you dont take the proper precautions, this kind of sedentary work can be harmful. Back pain, obesity and health risks are increased if you spend most of your day sitting down.

Sitting behind a computer all day reduces the time to exercise. Many office workers can also be prone to eat unhealthy snacks at their desk which increases their calorie intake for the day. This can lead to weight and significant health problems.

To help break up the day and reduce the risk of injury there are a number of things that you can consider:

  • Ensure your workstation is ergonomically correct for you, arrange an assessment if necessary
  • Take regular breaks from sitting at your computer
  • Build exercise into your day by walking or cycling to and from work, walking to speak to someone rather than phoning or emailing, take the stairs instead of the lift, use your lunch break to exercise.
  • Ensure you drink enough water throughout the day and either buy a healthy option from your local shop or pack your own healthy, nutritious lunch.

Offsetting the effects of sedentary workplaces using exercise and ergonomics

Thanks to technology, these days we don’t really need to get up from our chairs and away from our computers other than for bathroom and meal breaks.

In a typical working week, people spend nearly 6 hours a day sitting at their desk and 7 hours sleeping at night. That’s a whopping 13 hours a day without much activity, and because of this, nearly 70% of employees surveyed did not meet the suggested requirements for physical activity.

Research shows, regardless of how much money is invested in ergonomic workstations, employees are cancelling out the benefits with their sedentary practices.

Brisbane Fitout Company Urban Group agrees that exercise is a key component. The recommended 30 minutes of exercise each day is not enough to neutralise the effects of sitting for hours every day, and its recommended that workers who sit for long periods of time break up their day with regular movement to reduce the ill health effect.

Along with a great office fitout, download this Guide to Physical Activity in the workplace, to help people create a healthier environment for your team. The guide is recommended for senior management, human resource units, health promotion units and workplace health committees in organisations of all sizes.
Some tips to offset the effects of sedentary workplaces include:

  • Go for a walk at lunch time
  • Send fewer emails and make fewer phone calls. Walk over to speak to people in person to get a break from your desk.
  • Have a standing meeting instead of sitting, or maybe even while walking. Decisions may even be made quicker as people have blood pumping through their systems.
  • Join a sports team for after-hours exercise.

For more information on a Brisbane fitout designed for a healthier workplace, contact Urban Group today on 07 3620 8500