The Best Offices in Australia in 2018

An innovative and progressive office space is something that has dramatically increased in importance in the modern business environment – and one that’s common across the best offices in Australia in 2018. In order to attract the top candidates, the best talent, and the hardest workers, emulating elements of the offices on this list can help make your business a sought after working environment.


Atlassian are often cited as the authority on office culture and workplace innovation in Australia. The international startup headquartered in Martin Place, Sydney, have always been praised for their open-plan working environment, which greatly encourages collaboration and a strong workplace culture. Their use of plants and other sustainable initiatives mean they are also at the forefront of office sustainability. Atlassian embodies the culture of a start-up firm, and reaps the benefits of innovative and fresh interior design and sustainability in their spaces.   



This Sydney-based startup is quite small in comparison to the software leviathan that is Atlassian, and yet they consistently rank as one of the best places to work in the country. Airtasker is a firm that prioritises employee welfare. From internal cafes to open spaces, Airtasker attract the best talent because their office is specifically designed with professional, but fun, employee experiences in mind. They also utilise open-plan environments and sustainable initiatives to ensure productivity is maximised in their employee-friendly culture. Finding the perfect balance between professionalism and fun for your employees is a difficult thing to do, and Airtasker have set the gold-standard for this in modern Australia.

The Westpac Group

As one of Australia’s five largest institutions, and with over forty thousand employees, the Westpac Group is an organisation in which every little change can have immense effects. As such, they have invested a large amount in updating the design of their office spaces, to best maximise the productivity of their employees, the talent they attract, and the environmental sustainability of their spaces. They have recently implemented a new initiative known as “agile workplaces” with collaboration and innovation in mind. These new workplaces are specifically designed to maximise productivity and sustainability, through the use of different spaces for different levels of concentration. From focus-zones to open stand-up collaboration areas, Westpac has seen a massive spike in its worker productivity through the creation of a space that serves each level of concentration in its own unique way.

These are different firms prioritise different things, from collaboration to employee welfare, and each has seen great success in the use of their spaces because their select prioritisation directly serves the culture of their business. If you feel inspired by these great companies, and their innovative approaches to office design, chat with your fitout specialist about your dream space.