How to avoid medical fitout mistakes

Making the decision to go ahead with a medical fitout isn’t easy, but there are simple ways to avoid common pitfalls. Most come down to losing focus or being unable to prioritise on the right end goals. Getting advice from a fitout specialist is the simplest way to work with the benefit of hindsight before even starting to draw up plans.

The tips below will give you some perspective into what a successful medical fitout should avoid:

Taking shortcuts

Avoid selecting poor quality materials or furnishings with low durability. Your medical space is core to your business and will be used extensively. Factor in the expected wear and tear for chairs, couches, doors and storage spaces to avoid a quicker than necessary replacement. When choosing materials, opt for easy to clean surfaces, especially if your medical space accommodates for children or babies.

Focus solely on functionality

While your medical space is the home of work and order, it should also create an open and safe environment for your clients and staff. Use your space wisely, but avoid narrow circulation and corridor spaces. Focus on natural light and if your rooms rely on artificial light, use warms or flat tones of white, rather than harsh fluorescent lighting.

Rely on external storage

Don’t underestimate your storage requirements. Try to dedicate areas to have these built in to your medical rooms and reception areas. Using the height of the wall, rather than the floor space, is an easy way to save space and maintain a non-cluttered area. By doing this upfront, you’ll be able to properly measure what you need and achieve a consistent look and style through your medical office. It’s also an easy way to avoid splurging on mismatched filing cabinets and drawers.  

Inadequate noise and odour controls

Factor in the background noise of your waiting room and whether your consulting space is in a private area where sound doesn’t easily travel to and from. If you’re working from a small space, you can seek advice from a fitout specialist to find out their recommendations for the best forms of sound proofing. Sufficient ventilation is also necessary, as some clients may perceive odours or stale smells as an indication of poor standards of professionalism.

Going for the immediate fix.

A medical fitout is one of the biggest investments you can make for your business. Failure to plan for expansion can be costly and result in an unsuccessful pay off. Rather than only considering the short terms need of your practice, look ahead and match your fitout with your three to five year plan; you may have more staff, more services on offer or appeal to a different demographic.

For other avoidable mistakes and medical fitout tips and tricks, get in touch with a fitout specialist today!