4 goals your display suite fitout should achieve

Display suites are a unique way to capture the attention of the market and show the potential of a property—from a layout, visual and innovation perspective. Here are some ways a display suite can help you hit your leasing goals.

Form an instant connection with your prospective tenants

Display Suite Fitout

Display Suite at 127 Creek Street in Brisbane by Urban Group

Giving your audience a clear way to experience the look and feel of your property will help them visualise their business in your space. If you’re advertising a new property, you’ll also be able to start attracting attention and interest before the building or level has finished being constructed.

Set a competitive advantage

Display Suite Fitout

Homemaker Display Suite featured in Fortitude Valley by Urban Group

Providing your tenants the opportunity to see and feel what they are going to lease or buy before committing gives you a competitive edge over other properties. A turn-key fitout is also convenient for tenants. If planned properly, your fitout can add additional value to your space (such as innovative breakaway spaces) and allow them to move in with minimal changes. 

Show off the small details

Display fit out

Display suite at 360 Queen Street by Urban Group

A display suite gives you the chance to showcase the space with décor designed to attract a specific type of customer or appeal to the masses with classic features such as a neutral colour scheme and greenery. Fitout details such as furniture, lighting, plant life, flooring and artwork can all allow your customers to fully envision embracing your space.

Attract the right market

When preparing for a display suite, everything shown has to tie back to your overarching marketing strategy. While part of the purpose of a display suite is to provide somewhat of a ‘blank canvas’ for your prospective tenants, it can also be beneficial to tailor the visual appeal of your space specifically for your target market. This means showing off the potential lifestyle that comes with your property—i.e. potential floorplans, benefits of the location or including furniture tailored to your audience’s lifestyle. This could include items such as ping pong tables for start-ups or impressive client meeting rooms for highbrow clients.

If you need help planning out your vision, or don’t know how to start with your display suite, our fitout consultants can guide you through the process.