A strategic display suite fitout can help you lease quicker

With the current market saturated with new properties, developers are adopting various marketing strategies to educate prospective buyers and help them towards a purchase. Display suites are a unique way to capture the attention of the market and show the intricacies of the property’s plan, look, feel and general appeal.

Here’s why you should consider a display suite when leasing your property:

  1. Form an instant connection with your prospective tenants

Giving your audience a clear way to experience the look and feel of your property will help them visualise their business in your space. If you’re advertising a new property, you’ll also be able to start attracting attention and interest before the building or level has finished being constructed.

  1. Set a competitive advantage

Providing your tenants the opportunity to see and feel what they are going to buy before committing gives you a competitive edge over other properties. You can also have representatives available to help any interested parties with questions and help them get across the line.

  1. Show off the small details

A display suite gives you chance to show off the small interior design details of your property that other forms of advertising and marketing don’t provide. You can also provide any add-on fitout details, like furniture or lighting, to fulfil your tenant’s vision.

To get your display suite underway, here are some clear steps to consider:

Fixtures and fittings

While the impact of a finished product is important, so too are interior styling, fixtures and finishes. Showcase the details of your fixtures and fittings to your buyers, including things like the colour of the timber to the sheen of the kitchen bench. Providing these details allows any interested parties to picture the space for their office needs, and also consider any changes they might want to make.  

Form and function

When preparing for a display suite, everything shown has to tie back to your overarching marketing strategy. While the purpose of a display suite is to give your prospective buyers a look into the physical elements of your property, you also need to consider your branding to appeal to a viable market. This means showing off the potential lifestyle that comes with your property, the floorplan—or potential floorplans if you’re working with an open plan space, and the benefits of its location.

Stand out against competitors

A display suite is a competitive way to showcase your property to interested parties, and gives you the chance to stand out in a flooded market. You’ll give your property the best chance of appearing as a unique option and remain relevant in the eyes of your prospective buyers or tenants. 

If you need help planning out your vision, or how to get started with a display suite, our fitout consultants can guide you through the process.

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